Month: February 2019

Patch Notes 0.4.16 (02/24/2019)

Patch tonight is mostly to fix the FPS issues and to prepare for instancing. Last weeks patch cause massive FPS drops making the game unplayable on some devices. Our focus this week will be to get instancing completed and implemented in the game.

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Patch Notes 0.4.15 (02/17/2019)

The patch tonight is to fix a lot of the major issues we were having in the last patch. There were some major issues in the last patch that made the game unplayable. Movement was one of the biggest issues where your character would be jittery while you were trying to move this is now back to normal and smooth. One of the other issues was when you pressed the attack button it would cause some devices to crash this issue has been resolved. Another major issue was NPCs/Players causing massive FPS drop this has been resolved for the most part we are still looking into other possible causes just in case it’s still happening.

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