Author: Tashkin

Trulion Online

Sep 21, 2018 Blog by Tashkin
Hello Everyone, Trulion Online is currently in Alpha 0.2 phase. There is a lot of work constantly being done each week to bring more content and bug fixes to the game. We should be entering into Alpha 0.3 by the end of October 2018. We still need your help reporting any bugs you find to
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Patch Notes 0.2.1 (09/01/2018)

Fixed issue where sisal plant that was harvested would not look depleted Fixed the hit box for pine trees where player could not harvest from near the base of tree Increased size of plant and ore nodes to make it easier to tap them when looting Slightly upgraded graphics of the player armor. Special thanks
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Patch Notes 0.2.0 (08/27/2018)

Aug 27, 2018 Patch Notes by Tashkin
User Interface: Updated some user interface menus and controls for ease of use for mobile. Updated joystick positioning for mobile Chat system has undergone extensive overhaul   Game Play: Fixed issue where refining stations were not properly refining the correct materials Fixed issue with trees being harvest-able by sickles not hatchets Fixed positioning for several
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