Trulion Online Alpha

Trulion Online Alpha

Sep 21, 2018 Blog by Tashkin

Alpha is a non-finished release of Trulion Online.

There will be several bugs in this version of the game and it will not be the full game. Alpha version only has access to certain areas of the game and certain features of the game. This allows us to test each part of the game to ensure it is running properly and smoothly. The systems and visuals seen here are subject to change and most likely will change as we get farther into Alpha heading into Beta. THERE WILL BE SEVERAL RESETS THROUGHOUT THE ALPHA STAGE So unless you are willing to start over several times we recommend you wait until Beta access.


  • Checking for bugs and glitches
  • Checking the chat system.
  • Checking the inventory system.
  • Checking the PVE/PVP system.
  • Checking the guild system.
  • Checking the party system.
  • Checking the equipment system.
  • Checking the skills system.
  • Checking the menus.
  • Checking the player movement.
  • Checking the repair system.
  • Checking the npcs.
  • Checking the quest system.
  • Checking the dialogue system.
  • Checking the customization system.
  • Checking the weapons system.
  • Breaking as many things as possible and reporting them in #trulion:bugs
  • Giving us suggestions on the current systems in #trulion:suggestions

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