Economic Summary

This will be an ongoing work in progress post as I gather up all our documentation regarding the economy for Trulion Online.

There is a lot to the economy of Trulion Online, but it can be broken down into three fundamental aspects.

Harvesting of new resources
Refining raw material into components
Crafting items out of components

I’ll be going into depth regarding each of these and the professions and skills associated with them in a following post. You can already begin to test the basics of the economy in game now during the early alpha.

The aim of this is to provide basic information to our players and I also look forward to hearing any feedback you guys may have on this topic. Only a few mmorpgs in history have managed to build complex and stable economies to provide player driven content long term. That list gets even shorter when you count the amount of games that have their economies functioning cross platform (mobile, PC, etc). I look forward to the challenge.

I look forward to bringing you more information regarding the Trulion Online economy in the coming weeks and months during our run up to the early access open Alpha and Beta.