1000 Facebook Likes Achievement

Our Facebook page surpassed 1,000 likes and follows today!
We are so happy so many of you are interested in Trulion Online, and seeing so many people interested in the game motivates us to work even harder on realizing our dream of having a free to play mmorpg that you can play cross platform with all your friends. We aim to have Trulion Online ready for release to early access on app stores and PC at the end of March 2019 or early April 2019. And while not all the features on this list may be ready by then, we are working hard to get as many of them ready as we can for you. And we plan to keep releasing more updates with additional content for everyone to enjoy. The continent of Yartoria, with its villages and capital for you to explore. Game play content for levels 1 through 60. With end game dungeons you can run to find rare components for powerful gear! A skill tree, so you don’t need to worry about class restrictions, and can instead custom craft your own game play as you want creating unique builds that suit your play style. Housing for players and guilds. So you can hang out with friends and decorate your own personal space in the world. Territory for your guilds to lay claim to, and battle against others to control. A player economy where you can trade with one another directly or through the Auctioneers in the world. You can be a famous weapon smith, crafting and selling the best swords in the game for people without even having to fight monsters. An event system to provide a quick and fun break from your adventures and to compete with or against your fellow players for prizes! Quests throughout the world for you to undertake. Which may also shape the future of the world you play in! So, be careful who you help and who you hinder.
We look forward to the coming months and seeing more people try out Trulion Online and get into the world as game play becomes more and more stable. We were going to show you a bit of Timber Ridge but Momma Goop had other plans for us, so here is a video!