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IndieDB Voting

Dec 11, 2018 Blog by Tashkin
Round 2 Begins. Please scroll down to the bottom where it says release. Click role playing and vote for Trulion Online.  #indiedev #indiedb #indiegamers #unitydev

Economic Summary

Sep 22, 2018 Blog by Tyrosien
This will be an ongoing work in progress post as I gather up all our documentation regarding the economy for Trulion Online. There is a lot to the economy of Trulion Online, but it can be broken down into three fundamental aspects. Harvesting of new resources Refining raw material into components Crafting items out of
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Check Out Our Merchandise Shop

Sep 22, 2018 Blog by Tashkin
Hello Everyone, We have created a merchandise shop for Trulion Online. If you would like to support us and get something for it as well head on over to our store and buy some merchandise! The store can be found at Exuberant Games Shop and let us know what you think. All purchases help us create even
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Trulion Online Alpha

Sep 21, 2018 Blog by Tashkin
Alpha is a non-finished release of Trulion Online. There will be several bugs in this version of the game and it will not be the full game. Alpha version only has access to certain areas of the game and certain features of the game. This allows us to test each part of the game to
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Trulion Online

Sep 21, 2018 Blog by Tashkin
Hello Everyone, Trulion Online is currently in Alpha 0.2 phase. There is a lot of work constantly being done each week to bring more content and bug fixes to the game. We should be entering into Alpha 0.3 by the end of October 2018. We still need your help reporting any bugs you find to
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