Category: Patch Notes

Patch Notes 0.4.6 (01/03/2019)

Our first update for 2019 will be bringing quite a few changes to the game. All player characters will be wiped so you will need to make a new one. Enjoy exploring the land of Yartoria with the map more open now!

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Patch Notes 0.4.5 (12/22/2018)

Happy Holidays! We want to thank the community for jumping in on our recent update and finding all the bugs. It helps a ton when we can just look at those reports when investigating issues. And that is what most of this update is about! We’re pushing out one last patch before Christmas which is mostly bug fixes and gameplay balance.

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Patch Notes 0.3.1 (10/29/2018)

Player movement performance dramatically improved upon. The stutter when stopping has been corrected. Players stop immediately after releasing the joystick or keys.
In-Game Registration via website has been added on the login page for mobile devices.

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