Patch Notes 0.2.0 (08/27/2018)

User Interface:

  • Updated some user interface menus and controls for ease of use for mobile.
  • Updated joystick positioning for mobile
  • Chat system has undergone extensive overhaul

Game Play:

  • Fixed issue where refining stations were not properly refining the correct materials
  • Fixed issue with trees being harvest-able by sickles not hatchets
  • Fixed positioning for several resource nodes
  • Adjusted size and location of furnace for ease of use
  • Adjusted location of sawmill and sewing loom for ease of use (all 3 refining stations are now below the location where the crafting stations and skill masters are)
  • Fixed issue where you could craft gauntlets in the furnace instead of smelting ingots
  • Nerf XP requirements for levels to make progression more attainable
  • Updated Elder Triston chat text
  • Updated Elder Triston items
  • Made it so only the blacksmith can repair items
  • Blacksmith now sells tools as well
  • Updated weapon master’s items for sale and chat text
  • Updated hair so it sizes properly
  • Fixed issue where players could not craft at stations even if they had items