Patch Notes 0.2.5 (09/23/2018)

We are working hard every week to try and bring updates. Sometimes updates come every weekend and we try to push them the following Friday if possible. This week we will be pushing the update on 9/23/18.

Patch Notes:

  • Added “register” button to login screen that links to the website for registration in game.
  • Joystick movement is now 0 or 1, no interpolation. (Basically speed is consistent and doesn’t gradually increase)
  • Added audio settings to disable or turn down the music.
  • Small UI updates.
  • NPCs are now their own characters instead of placeholder.
  • Unstick Command fixed.
  • Character Patch V9 updated.

Website Updates

  • Shop added to the Exuberant Games website.
  • Merchandise added to the shop so you all can rep Trulion Online while supporting our game.
  • WordPress Blog added to the Exuberant Games website.
  • Use wordpress to sign into the forums.

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