Patch Notes 0.2.6 (10/03/2018)

Some big performance issues have been addressed which you should be able to see right away in game!

Update Highlights

  • We’ve made great strides in our war against the mighty desync and lag beasts. And in the process have also added some new items for you to craft. May they serve you well in your journeys.


  • Experience yields for crafting have been lowered.
  • You may craft bags at the tailoring station to equip and increase inventory space.
  • Some item recipes have been modified.
  • New hairs have been added to cosmetics merchant.
  • New recipes have been added to tailoring.


  • Crafting UI updated, still a work in progress.


  • Apprentice carpentry and tailoring stations are now visible.
  • Colliding with resources should no longer cause players to face another direction.
  • You should move smoother now. (YAY!)
  • Character animations improved to fix left arm size, fix detached arm issue, and make the character legs less stubby.

Known Issues

  • Characters seem to jitter a bit in animation.
  • Stopping is a bit “sticky” and not as clean as we’d like yet.