Patch Notes 0.3.0 (10/21/2018)

Welcome to Alpha 0.3.0, we have done some major overhauling on the level graphics and design. The quality has dramatically improved so the game is more appealing visually as well as the overall game play. We’ve gone through a visual evolution on the project and have really enjoyed working with the new tileset. The updated village of Timber Ridge awaits you in your testing! This update will be live within the next 8 hours.


  • Update to the latest version of the game VIA discord.
  • All characters have been wiped due to updated system.

Update Highlights

  • Timber Ridge and its surrounding regions have undergone an extensive visual upgrade. Areas under development are still restricted to allow us more time to continue work.
  • We’ve added a Friends List feature to the game! You can now add your friends and whisper them. And see when they’re on and offline.


  • Club can be crafted at carpentry station.
  • Gnarled Clunker can be crafted at carpentry station, don’t be surprised if Tyrosien chases you with one.
  • Several new hairstyles have been added to the game.
  • Continued work on the premium shop setup and stocking.
  • Villagers have updated clothing and hair. In the future we will individualize their appearances a bit by profession and even character traits (including female villagers).
  • Crafting stations have been updated from being just anvils to having their proper appearances, these stations are available around Timber Ridge now in front of most commercial buildings and the Adventurer’s Guild.


  • Removed the mini-map as it was consuming an excessive amount of screen space.
  • Some icons have been updated.
  • Added icon for friends list.
  • Chat will now also appear over your players’ heads in game as well as still in the chat window.
  • Removed the mini-map as it’s not useful and takes up to much space. (Actual UI Map will come in a later update.)


  • Hair can now show under hats/helmets.
  • Updated chest graphic for platemail, leather jacket, and cloth robe to properly show belts and other additional pieces.
  • Fixed issues causing map tiles to appear torn in places.
  • Fixed some issues with npc villager clothing displays messing up.
  • Major improvement to the characters movement.
  • Adjusted weapon size to be more visual than previously.

Known Issues

  • Stopping is a bit “sticky” and not as clean as we’d like yet.