Patch Notes 0.3.1 (10/29/2018)

Welcome to Alpha 0.3.1


Update Highlights

  • Player movement performance dramatically improved upon. The stutter when stopping has been corrected. Players stop immediately after releasing the joystick or keys.
  • In-Game Registration via website has been added on the login page for mobile devices. PC devices will register the accounts here in order to play.


  • Players damage increased to test pvp.
  • Weapon durability increase temporarily during pvp testing phase.
  • Continued work on the premium shop setup and stocking.
  • Villagers have updated clothing and hair. In the future we will individualize their appearances a bit by profession and even character traits (including female villagers).
  • Safe Zones have been added to interior level and Timber Ridge town.


  • Enabled buttons on the top right of the screen.
  • Some icons have been updated.
  • Chat will now also appear over your players’ heads in game as well as still in the chat window.


  • Updated the website and game to be more integrated with accounts.
  • Creating an account now is a one stop access to everything Trulion such as website blog login for comments, web store for merchandise, forums, and game login as well.
  • Easy communication through the website and social media platforms now that the integration has been completed for that as well.
  • Easy access to edit and make changes to your account information like your password.


  • Mobile in-game registration.
  • Issue with NPCs/Harvestables moving when running into them.
  • Major improvement to the characters movement.
  • Joystick movement has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • Overhead text is yellow instead of white.
  • Inside walls can be walked on. Will be correctly in the hotfix tonight.
  • Missing harvestable items throughout Timber Ridge.
  • Cannot register in-game on PC.