Patch Notes 0.3.2 (11/05/2018)


Update Highlights

  • Improvements have been made on melee combat! Go beat each other up and let us know what you think.


  • Updated the requirements of some crafting recipes.
  • Continued work on the premium shop setup and stocking.
  • You no longer need to refine raw material harvested at special stations for now, just go to the appropriate crafting station.
  • Sisal is now known as Yowfir
  • Hemp is now Haffol
  • Pine is now Flimwood


  • Crafting UI is undergoing overhaul to clean up menu displays, initial changes have been made and more are to come.
  • Settings menu now has slider bars to control sound effects and background music, along with the ability to simply mute/unmute each


  • Fixed some issues with players being unable to log in
  • Fixed some crafting issues
  • Adjusted melee weapon hits so they should properly register.
  • Overhead text should be the proper color now

Known Issues

  • NPC Names not showing up.