Patch Notes 0.3.5 (11/20/2018)



  • You’ve got mail!


  • Added 1v1 sparring. Queue up against others and let us know what you think!
  • Added a basic mail system. Now you can  leave mail for people who aren’t online.
  • Basics for an event system are in place. You may get event notifications while we continue testing this.
  • Basic marketplace and auction house systems have been added. Please test these and let us know if things aren’t working
  • Other things may have been added that are not included in these notes. Let us know what you think!


  • Major overhaul of the main menu UI for ease of use.
  • Main menu button now opens the main menu where you will see different icons for the other UI menus. Those menus have been adjusted to work within the main menu. Please let use know if there are any issues you notice.


  • Fixed an issue which caused sludgelings to absolutely wreck people for no reason.
  • Every login outfit doesn’t show for client. Have to re-equip all armor.
  • Character will stop swinging the sword possibly due to lag.
  • Logging out of PC and onto iOS my characters armor was equipped but not visible. Only an issue on client side.


  • Friends show as numbers instead of their names.