Patch Notes 0.4.22 (04/29/2019)


  • PC and Mac: Download the game from by Clicking Here
  • Android: (Click Here) Once approved by Google you can play.
  • iOS (Click Here) Once approved by Apple you can play.


Game Changes

  • Dialogue system has been added to all NPCs.
  • New animations have been added. (Active in the next patch)
  • New outfits have been added. (Active in the next patch).
  • Updated items in the item mall.
  • Fixed issues with several of the stairs in the game.
  • Fixed collider issues with the inside levels.
  • Inside levels no longer load until player enters them.
  • Updated several levels to fix minor issues with layering.


  • Titles now be selected and show up on all players’ games. Added “title position” option to allow title to show before or after the player name.
  • Party member UI has been fixed.
  • Guild member UI has been fixed.
  • Fixed scrolling issue with Item Mall.
  • Character selection screen has been updated.
  • Moved overhead chat up slightly so it’s not on health bar.