Patch Notes 0.4.30 (07/1/2019)


  • PC and Mac: Download the game from by Clicking Here
  • Android: (Click Here) Once approved by Google you can play.
  • iOS (Click Here) Once approved by Apple you can play.


All characters have been reset for this patch. You will need to remake you characters and start over.

Game Changes

  • Outfits and hairs have been updated.
  • Hotkeys fixed
  • Mount movement fixed.
  • NPC Traders fixed.
  • Updated Skillbar scripts and prefabs for proper display
  • Treasure Hunt event fix
  • Fixed the leaderboards npcs to show properly. (Need to update UI still)
  • Updated character selection to automatically show the first character.
  • Fixed several layering and collision issues with the map (Yes still many more that need to be fixed.)
  • Bug Tracker updated.
  • Dialogue updated
  • Gathering quest functionality added. (Still disabled until kill quest testing is complete)
  • Fixed all bridges allowing players to walk over them.
  • Updated networking code
  • Updated Mail System
  • Updated Warehouse Bags
  • Updated Monster Spawners
  • Updated Resource Nodes
  • Updated Harvesting
  • Starter armors updated for character creation.
  • Adjusted NPC visibility range


  • UI Crafting fixed.
  • UI Fixed for Party, Guild, Inventory, and Equipment. (Party and Guild need player list fixed still)
  • UI Mail updated
  • Updated loot UI
  • Updated Party Hud UI, Target Hud UI, Updated settings UI
  • Updated NPC Trading window to work correctly
  • Updated quest UI for dialogue system
  • Updated crafting and harvesting UI
  • Increased the size of Pet Revive, Repair Equipment, and Guild Manage UI.
  • Increased the size of the event messages.
  • Increased the size of Guild Invite and Party invite message UI.
  • Updated the Leaderboards UI.
  • Updated the Player Trade Request UI
  • Updated the respawn UI.
  • Updated the Spar Arena and Free for all arena message UI.
  • NPC Mail Send UI has been updated.
  • Fixed all Loot UI, fixed Level Up UI,
  • Skill UI updated
  • Login UI updated
  • Chat UI updated